Working with Gifted Children

by sacredjourneyinstitute, March 11, 2017

Instructors: Don Massat and Dana Massat

Ce Hours 14

The Sacred Journey Institute offers an elective class focusing on Cranial Sacral Therapy for Children; this is a class open to the public as well as experienced body workers and lightworkers. We have found that children who are being diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and other various learning disabilities are actually very highly gifted beings. In this four-day workshop, we have devised an effective protocol of Cranial Sacral Techniques for children.

  • Learn Cranial Sacral Techniques for children
  • Basic Skills to perform Distance/Remote Healing
  • Gain knowledge in the current “medical” protocol to address Autism, ADHD and other child behavioral and emotional issues
  • Gain knowledge in many Holistic Remedies and Therapies that have been proven to balance and ground our Gifted Children

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