Lori Green L.M.T, C.S.T., M.R.T.

Lori Green L.M.T, C.S.T., M.R.T.IMG_7802-001

Lori is an Instructor and graduate of the Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park, IL. Lori is skilled in the fine arts of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Vibrational Healing, Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy, and Sacred Journey Massage.

In addition too, Lori channels her healing gifts through Hypnotherapy and the use of pure Essential Oils. With her own intuitive gifts and keen spiritual awareness, her sessions produce rapid results at a cellular level through vibrational healing. Lori, a gifted Lightworker and Trance Channel has no limitations to her expansive healing gifts.





Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute, Tinley Park, IL

Reiki Master, Graduate of Alternative Healing Massage School, Troy MI

“In Progress” Hypnotherapist, Heart Center Hynoptherapy

“In Progress” Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

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