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by sacredjourneyinstitute, February 20, 2013


Sacred Journey Institute Photo Gallery


Don Massat, Founder of Sacred Journey Institute

Level 1- Laying the Foundation; Working from the Heart (June 2016)

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Level 9-Miracles, Magic, Mysticism, and Vibrational Healing (Nov 2015)

Level 5  Psychometry/Communication; The Heart Speaks (Nov 2015)

Lightworker Art Show (Oct 2015)

Dana Massat 2015 (CranioSacral for Children)

Level 8, Cranial Sacral, “Expanding our soul experience”

Goddess Workshop with Stephanie Brown (Oct 2015)

Sacred Journey Institute Open House  (Sept 2015)

Emotions “Inside and out” Event with Don, Dana & Ania Massat at the Soderworld Open House (Aug 2015)

Level 7 Sacred Journey Therapy; Following the Heart (Aug 2015)

Sacred Journey Massage (Aug 2015)

Miasm & Luminism Clinic (July 2015)

Level 1- Laying the Foundation; Working from the Heart (July 2015)

Level 3 Unwinding; The Heart, Sphenoid and Facial Bones (July 2015)

The alchemy of essential oils and Cranial Sacral Therapy  with Lori Green (June 2015)

Amazing Level 6-Miasm Release Therapy; Clearing the Heart (May 2015)

Mind-Body-Soul Detox event (May 2015)

Level 5 (April 2015)

Amazing Level 1 Class with Charlene Vickery this past weekend (March 2015)

Level 11 The Manifestation of Heaven on Earth (March 2015)

Level 4-Unwinding; The Heart and Mandible Ritual (Feb 2015)

Craniosacral/Feldenkrais class with Jason Shadday (Feb 2015)

Sacred Journey Institute Open House (Feb 2015)

Don Massat teaching Level 10 (Feb 2015)


Working with the Gifted Children Class with Dana Massat (Jan 2015)

Cranial Sacral Level 2 (Dec 2014)

Lightworkers Art Show (Nov 2014)

Dana Massat “The Evolved Child “Rainbow Star Children” (Oct 2014)

Paranormal Conference-Don Massat “Evolved Human” and our connection with other Planetary Beings” (Oct 2014)

Open House (Oct 2014)

Chakra Class with Ania Massat “Wheels that Heal” (Summer 2014)

Working with the Gifted Children’s Class (June 2014)

“Star Children – Part #2 – Crystal” with Dana Massat (June 2014)

Our Gifted Children “The Truth, Medicine vs Nature” with Dana Massat (June 2014)

Level 8 (April 2014)

Level 6 (Jan 2014)

Sacred Journey In Action

Working with the Gifted Children Class

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