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by sacredjourneyinstitute, December 11, 2015

Working with the Gifted Children’s Class

Instructors: Don Massat and Dana Massat

The Sacred Journey Institute offers an elective class focusing on Cranial Sacral Therapy for Children; this is a class open to the public as well as experienced body workers and lightworkers. We have found that children who are being diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and other various learning disabilities are actually very highly gifted beings. In this four-day workshop, we have devised an effective protocol of Cranial Sacral Techniques for children.

  • Learn Cranial Sacral Techniques for children
  • Basic Skills to perform Distance/Remote Healing
  • Gain knowledge in the current “medical” protocol to address Autism, ADHD and other child behavioral and emotional issues
  • Gain knowledge in many Holistic Remedies and Therapies that have been proven to balance and ground our Gifted Children

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Ethics – Professional Boundaries in Therapeutic Relationship, Scope of Practice and Standard V

Required by NCBTMB

Instructors: Ania Massat

Understanding boundaries is crucial to creating an ethical practice and building professional relationships. By increasing your awareness of both a client’s and your own boundaries, you improve the therapeutic relationship and avoid many inadvertent slips into unethical behavior. This class will cover the knowledge about Ethics, Scope of practice, the role of therapist in a therapeutic relationship in very simple to understand way. This course is covering 6 hours of requirements as CE hours for massage therapists. SJI is approved by NCBTMB as CE provider in the state of Illinois.

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The alchemy of essential oils and Cranial Sacral Therapy 

Instructor: Lori Green

This class combines cranial sacral/sacred journey therapy together with vibrational aromatherapy, for emotional release.  The focus will be on clearing emotional patterns that cause physical dis-ease in the body, with the use of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and propitiatory blends. We will be discussing “What is aromatherapy?” “How and why oils work in the body.” We will be looking deeper into the chakra system, specifically for assisting us in letting go of painful emotions and any negative cellular memories. Then we can reestablish self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Students will learn techniques/exercises for:

  • Chakra balancing
  • Grounding
  • Connecting to your sacred space
  • Regain your power in present time

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Sacred Journey Massage 

Instructors: Don Massat

There are times with our clients which transcend the ordinary, when shifts and changes happen seemingly without effort.  This rarely results solely from physical manipulation, but rather from a combination of skilled touch and a deep sense of connection. Sacred Massage uses a combination Esalen massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lomi Lomi massage and Lymphatic drainage techniques along with the principles of Sacred Journey Therapy.  The body is worked a s a whole, not in segments.  Not only is a physical connection made, but an energetic connection between therapist and client and often a spiritual connection between the client and themselves.

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