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Who is Don Massat, the Founder of Sacred Journey Institute & Beyond Wellness

By Steffeny Smith, LCSW, CST, SJT

don massat

Don has a style of teaching that empowers all students to open to the possibilities of their innate gifts. I watched students (many who were massage therapists) begin the training thinking it was another massage technique to add to their tool box. I met nurses, and business people all who were wanting to learn the practice of heart centered, shamanic cranial sacral therapy. As our training progressed, I saw profound changes occur in myself and all my fellow students, regardless of their backgrounds.

The magic of Don Massat is that he truly sees the individual souls of his students. He is able to tap into their energy and support them in opening to their doubts as they step into the possibilities of seeing themselves as more then they can imagine.

Through meditation and reflection, playful energy exercises, didactic learning and hands-on practice, Don allows each person to experience firsthand the power of “playing in the energy.” His play and light hearted nature fills the room with fun and joy as students begin to learn the art of intention, light touch and the power of unconditional love. Don holds a space where people can feel and express themselves in a way that heals the soul.

Don’s belief in the power of the energy body and how the states of love or fear influence the totality of the person’s emotional, physical and spiritual self is easily communicated. It is as if what he explains should have been taught in Kindergarten. If it had, we all would have learned how to release the feelings of fear in our bodies and step into the healing energy of love as our birthright.

Don spends his time effortlessly helping the community in Tinley Park and beyond, and is deeply committed to an art of healing that this world so badly needs. He makes it clear that this work is available to anyone who is interested in learning to live in a higher energy vibration.

Don’s powerful teaching is truly a spiritual gift. All who talk with him feel touched and understood. As students throw out question after question he is never impatient or intolerant. He remains steady and kinds, helping all students apply what he is teaching to their own experiences.

I have watched so many people who have doubts and fears, misconceptions, and even anger challenge his ideas and teachings. He remains steadfast and compassionate, meeting these people where they are, and melting defenses that allow each individual to hear just what they need to feel a bit better.

This medicine for the heart really helps people see their own fears. Don’s enormous unconditional spirit affords them a space to express and learn to release the old beliefs. In this way, Don creates a true body, mind, and spirit experience.

Evolution of CranioSacral Therapy with Don Massat

Personal Bio

Cranial Sacral Therapist, Healer and Shaman, Don Massat is the Director of Beyond Wellness and Creator of the Sacred Journey Institute both located in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Don journeys beyond ordinary realities to work with energies in the body that may influence our lives. He has devoted himself to the study of multi–dimensional trauma and its effects on human behavior. Don Massat is also the founder of Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy, Sacred Journey Massage and Vibrational Healing Therapy.

Don has appeared on the television shows “Road to Wellness” and “Beyond Wellness” where he has spoken on subjects of Schizophrenia, Trance Channeling and introduced a “shamanic approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy. He has done various radio shows and lectures across the country on new alternative ways to approach cancer, disease and various mental health disorders bringing forth his most profound spiritual work.

His background in Cranial Sacral work combines the Upledger approach from Colorado with the Visionary approach from the Milne Institute in Big Sur, California. Don is a certified massage therapist and instructor at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge, Illinois. Don also completed extensive studies in advanced Esalen Massage through the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and further incorporates Deep Tissue Massage, Ortho Bionomy, Reiki, Prenatal Massage, Sports massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release into his practice.

A candid interview with Don Massat

Conducted by Steffeny Smith

Steffeny- Can you tell me a little bit about your parents and growing up as a child.

Don- My father was a hardworking man that showed me relentless determination and leadership. My mother was a soft woman, an observer who would quietly teach me the value of patience and unconditional love. My parents instilled in me deep knowing that I could achieve anything. These skills would shape my character and later be brought into my work.

At a very young age I had this incredible ability to dream; only these dreams were real. I mean they were lucid, colorful, and very real! It was almost like stepping into different reality, where I knew all people and places. I would visit these familiar places; explore and connect with people that didn’t exist here. I would later term this as “travelling” (into astral plane). What I did – I was actually travelling to my other lifetimes, something that I would later develop and bring into a healing modality called “Sacred Journey Therapy”.

At some point I realized that I had abilities that didn’t seem so common among other children.

Growing up with four brothers I realized how different we all were despite of being raised by the same parents. Could this be influenced by our different experiences in other lifetimes? I also noticed how my brothers had incredible gifts in different areas. I believe that these differences were heavily influenced by other lifetimes.

Steffeny – So, what was college like? What did you study?

Don – As a young adult I attended Moraine Valley Community College and Chicago State University in Illinois. I finished up at Arizona State University where I studied psychology and business.

Steffeny – Is this where you found your path of healing?

Don – Not exactly, I do believe that I was born with a deep interest in the dynamics of human behavior but I quickly came to learn that Carl Young and Sigmund Freud were not enough for me. I wanted to move beyond books and into experience.

Steffeny – What did you do?

Don – I spent some time in the restaurant business. The business itself set up an atmosphere to observe people. It was here that I experienced the light hallways and dark corners of life. I was able to observe and understand, first hand, the human use of defense mechanisms that I would later identify as “Miasm”. I noticed, not only its effect on human behavior but later realized its influence on Mental Health Disorders and Disease.

Steffeny – It sounds like this experience was helping you to step into some of your own gifts.

Don – Yes. I noticed that people were becoming more and more transparent to me. Not only could I see what troubled someone, I could also look into their eyes and see their gifts. This was also a huge transitional period of time as I became a father of two beautiful and healthy girls, Jessica and Dana.

Steffeny – When did you become interested in alternative healing?

Don – By 1992 I became engulfed in studies of Eastern medicine and headed for the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge, Illinois. Another huge transition was about to take place. The restaurant business was running its course and I found myself on a mission. Here there was an excitement and passion I could not explain. If I was looking to find a path in life, I had just found the expressway. The feelings, later to be termed “Luminism’ where propelling me into new direction, lifting me to a more evolved place inside myself. Each day I was discovering more of my gifts coming to the surface. I began to receive information from a “higher source” – it seemed that I would have the answer immediately to any question that I might have had. Later I understood that I was channeling “a knowing” by tapping into my “higher self”. I began to work regularly with other Trans channels, observing and collecting information and answers to the questions that I already had the answers to. This would become one of my most beneficial gifts assisting me later in my research of Schizophrenia.

Steffeny – When was Cranial Sacral Therapy introduced to you?

Don – By 1995 Cranial Sacral Therapy fell into my lap. I was intrigued by it and perused the Colorado Cranial Institute. Doors continued to open for me. By 1997 I finished massage school and headed for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California to evolve my massage practice. Soon after, I was introduced to the Milne Institute in California, a more advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy program. I have to admit that I was always obsessed with evolving my work and myself.

Steffeny – Why Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Don – Through Cranial Sacral Therapy I was able to work with clients in the altered states of consciousness. Here I could assist in releasing “heavy” emotions from the body, even taping into ones other lifetimes and releasing “heavy” emotions from there… A concept that was familiar to me even as a small child.

Steffeny – What did you do with this knowledge? What was your next step?

Don – In 1998 I opened Beyond Wellness Therapeutic Massage and Healing Center, an alternative health care center designed to provide variety of therapeutic massage and bodywork using both Eastern and Western modalities. This center was created also for research and study of multi-dimensional work and trauma.

Steffeny – What do you mean when you say multi-dimensional trauma?

Don – Well, trauma as we know exists not only in our emotions, memory– it exists in the physical tissues of the body and in the “Astral” body as well. This meaning, our emotions or traumatic experiences could come from other lifetimes affecting us here in the present moment. By 2001 I developed an effective therapy to treat multidimensional; trauma. I called it “Sacred Journey Therapy”. In the same year I added mental health problems such as Schizophrenia, Depression and Anxiety to the Beyond Wellness research program.

Steffeny – Earlier you mentioned the world “Miasm”. Did anything come out of that phenomenon that you observed?

Don – By 2002 “Miasm Release Therapy” MRT was born. Here I developed an extremely effective therapy to release lower Vibrational energies from the body. By working on therapists “MRT” became crucial in enhancing the gifts of the Lightworker. This therapy has proven to be very effective in treating mental health disorders and relieve the burden of Schizophrenia.

Steffeny – Have you expanded Beyond Wellness?

Don – This is one of my main long term goals for the business. One of them also was to create a safe place where I could transfer my knowledge to others. I prepared and put into life “The Sacred Journey Institute”. This school was created to develop the Lightworker using a “shamanic approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy. Another goal was to evolve two new modalities “Miasm Release Therapy” and “Sacred Journey Therapy”. I think the school is an extension of Beyond Wellness. It is a place where amazing things are happening!

Steffeny – Have any more modalities come about through your research?

Don – Yes, by 2005 “Sacred Journey Massage” got created as an evolved form of massage therapy. The therapist is working in the trance state moving unwanted energy through and out of the clients body and energy fields. By 2007 I developed “Trance Channel Therapy” more of an evolved form of psycho-therapy with the use of a trance channel connecting with spirit. In 2010 I developed Vibrational Healing Therapy designed to use the high vibration of the evolved human or Sacred Journey Therapist to assist in treating Cancer and Disease.

Steffeny – You must be proud of what you have accomplished…

Don – Yes I am. I am even more excited about our community of incredibly gifted healers that are now surrounding us.

Steffeny – Tell me about your daughters. Have they followed in your steps?

Don – Well, they are both natural healers but definitely wear their own shoes. Jessica Marie follows her Christian path, taking mission trips to Haiti, helping the children and spreading the word with unconditional love. Dana Lynn, stepping through the Sacred Journey Institute program is now practicing the work at very advanced levels, helping others with their personal growth and healing. I am so very proud of both of them. They continue to fill my heart every day.

Steffeny – I hear we have new additions to the family.

Don – Yes we do. I am grateful to become a grandfather to two amazing boys Blake and Brayden, whose spirits bring joy and light into the world. More recently I met my wife Ania. When our souls crossed we knew past connections, felt present emotions and saw future paths all at the same time. We have chosen together to evolve Love adding two shining stars, step children Maya and Olivia.

Life is Good!


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