Cranial Sacral Program Levels 1-7

Level 1- Laying the Foundation; Working from the Heart
This four-day course introduces participants to scientific and emotional perspectives of the cranial system and to our intuitive approach to Cranial Sacral work. Using slides and dis-articulated specimens, the study of cranial anatomy includes an inspection of each individual bone, its movement potential in isolation and in unison with the other cranial bones and possible reflexive relationships with the body and mind. On an experiential level, emphasis is placed on centering techniques, cultivating our inner peace, and opening our intuitive self to interacting with our partner’s cranial system instinctively. Each day includes closely supervised hands-on practice with a partner to help deepen one’s understanding of the work. On the final day, techniques presented and practiced for each individual bone are brought together in a basic protocol that may be used as a basis upon which to introduce basic cranial work into one’s practice.

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Level 2-Unwinding; The Heart and Sacrum  

Using the basic protocol learned in the level 1 course as a point of departure, this course builds upon the basic skills by introducing new possibilities for exploring relationships on physical and energetic levels. The concept of working from the heart will be explored as we approach the sacrum. Supine approaches to addressing the sacral and pelvic bones and muscles will be demonstrated and practiced. Palpation skills in facilitating unwinding will be shown in separate protocols. Generous classroom time is devoted to developing sensitivity to and practice of unwinding.

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Level 3-Unwinding; The Heart, Sphenoid and Facial Bones

This course focuses again on unwinding techniques. Using coupled holds with sphenoid and facial bones. Students become familiar with the relationship and energetics of this cranial architecture. The course will also work with the lateral bony structures of the cranium and learn techniques to treat temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD). Students will be shown the relationship to the Reciprocal Tension Membrane and Core Link. When you touch the body, you are also touching the mind and the spirit, the “dreambody”. Fingertip sensitivity will be developed to experience 6 different “layers” that we can engage with cranial work. The challenge is to feel which layer you are in, or traversing and to evaluate its well-being and relationship to the other “layers”. Techniques will be blended into coherent protocols.

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Level 4 -Unwinding; The Heart and Mandible Ritual

In this course the importance of the healer’s own process in developing his or her skills is emphasized. The power of ritual will be discussed and followed by three hour healing sessions, unwinding the mandible in Shamanic fashion. Students will also work with Psychic Perception in small groups enhancing their intuitive skills. Extensive detailed anatomy of the brain, mandible, palatine bones and lateral pterygoid muscles will be exhibited and energetics will be discussed. Lecture and discussion will also focus on the Primary and Secondary energy centers and the important influence they exert.

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Level 5-Psychometry/Communication; The Heart Speaks

This course is devoted to developing the essential Cranial Sacral skills of focus and perception. Psychometry exercises will be used to develop trust in intuitive skills along with intuitive readings. This course also includes a complete protocol using techniques designed to treat headaches and migraines. Anatomy and energetics will be used to develop skills for the healer to map out and better understand headaches. Opening oneself to communication with the expanded soul, guides, ancestor spirits, dreams and animal totems are discussed and used as a valuable instrument in treating clients at a more expanded level.

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Level 6-Miasm Release Therapy; Clearing the Heart

In this course we will devote out time to working with and understanding energies in the body that influence our lives. This new modality is an incredible therapy that is designed to release lower vibrational energies from the body. Students will not only be shown how to release these energies in themselves but will be shown a Miasm Release protocol and will be taught to relate to these energies and help move them from the body. This course will also be used to work with sutures and sinuses. Three-dimensional, asymmetrical techniques are introduced with each protocol. Emphasis is placed on pre-visualization of target structures and their attendant cranial mechanisms. The art of perceiving and tracking changes in consciousness forms the basis for all interactive work in this course.

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Level 7-Sacred Journey Therapy; Following the Heart

The foundation has now been set for Sacred Journey Therapy. This high art of healing is a very intimate form of energy work, touching the soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, healing ancient wounds or perhaps sending the client into a wonderful euphoric state. It’s whatever the soul is searching for. This work may also change patterns that have continued with us form other lifetimes. In this course we will introduce students to principles of Gestalt therapy and psychotherapy in order to work with multidimensional trauma. Concepts of Linear time and Astral Dynamics will be discussed. Exercises with other life readings and astral projection will take place in small groups. A more expanded look at evolution and understanding of Akashic records will be discussed. A protocol to induce trance and inner-body projection along with grounding techniques will be demonstrated

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Practicums-Cranial Sacral Program Levels 1-7

This course provides an opportunity for students to review material covered in the Level 1-7 courses, share their cranial sacral experiences in a meditative and supportive atmosphere and refine their skills under the watchful eye of the instructor. Students are required to successfully complete a hands-on evaluation with an instructor to demonstrate their ability.

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