Level 7

by sacredjourneyinstitute, January 30, 2013

spiritual-womanLevel 7-Sacred Journey Therapy; Following the Heart

The foundation has now been set for Sacred Journey Therapy. This high art of healing is a very intimate form of energy work, touching the soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, healing ancient wounds or perhaps sending the client into a wonderful euphoric state. It’s whatever the soul is searching for. This work may also change patterns that have continued with us form other lifetimes.
In this course we will introduce students to principles of Gestalt therapy and psychotherapy in order to work with multidimensional trauma. Concepts of Linear time and Astral Dynamics will be discussed. Exercises with other life readings and astral projection will take place in small groups.
A more expanded look at evolution and understanding of Akashic records will be discussed.
A protocol to induce trance and inner-body projection along with grounding techniques will be demonstrated.

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