Level 6

by sacredjourneyinstitute, January 30, 2013

Level 6-Miasm Release Therapy; Clearing the Heart level 6

In this course we will devote out time to working with and understanding energies in the body that influence our lives. This new modality is an incredible therapy that is designed to release lower vibrational energies from the body. Students will not only be shown how to release these energies in themselves but will be shown a Miasm Release protocol and will be taught to relate to these energies and help move them from the body.

This course will also be used to work with sutures and sinuses. Three-dimensional, asymmetrical techniques are introduced with each protocol. Emphasis is placed on pre-visualization of target structures and their attendant cranial mechanisms.
The art of perceiving and tracking changes in consciousness forms the basis for all interactive work in this course.

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