Mindfulness Mondays-A Thought is just a Thought! by Ania Massat

Mindfulness Mondays-A Thought is just a Thought! by Ania Massat

by sacredjourneyinstitute, February 29, 2016

I was just having an ordinary day like many others. Having a great time when a random thought just flew over me and popped in my head. This thought was random and irrelevant to my positive otherwise day yet it carried such a strong energy impact that my Mind started to wonder. As soon as this thought got into my Mind it also sneaked out directly into my heart. I felt this squeeze in my chest and right there I recognized it. At this point I had an obvious and quite simple choice to do – to either follow the thought or choose not to follow it.

Then I stopped and had a revelation, a thought is just a thought! A thought is just an energy charged ball that really doesn’t carry any story. It is like a fantasy, pop up screen on the computer. A little “hello I’m here” like a tiny shimmering speck carried by the wind.

I suspect that a thought is not real but occurs as part of our soul experience. When suddenly arise then by our own act of acceptance the Mind takes over and considers it as real. Base on the thought itself Mind (Brain) creates a story that is believable for us!

A thought is energy and it might be charged positive or negative. If the thought carries positive energy and our Mind brings it as an Idea, then there is energy of creativity, excitement, joy and overall happiness channeled through.  We might be boiling and wanting to get involved, finish task and enjoy life.

When a thought carries negative charge and we give it too much attention, then the Mind is starting to create a story that resonates with the quality of the vibration presented by the thought. This story then will be channeled through and based upon our inner fears and insecurities. The more we experience fear and insecurity the more internal stories our Mind will supply for us. This is our Mind’s job!

How to not let the thought to take over your Mind?

  1. Bring awareness into your Life. Observe random thoughts how they come and how they go.
  2. When a thought arises ask yourself if it is relevant for you to consider it and how the quality of it might affect you.
  3. When this little shimmering speck comes and it is not something you want to consider allow it to be taken away by the wind. As quick as it came it can go away. Don’t give it time.
  4. When you are letting a thought go, imagine that you are using a white out and creating a blank space. Release it.


Thoughts of the same energetic components that are bombarding us often and creating the same emotional states (patterns) could be looked at on deeper levels. There must be a deep root for these experiences to happen. They are connected to our emotional states stored by our subconscious Mind.


Written by:

Ania Massat

NLP Master Practitioner

Evolved Life & Wellness Coach

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