Mindfulness Mondays- How can I be a better person? by Ania Massat

Mindfulness Mondays- How can I be a better person? by Ania Massat

by sacredjourneyinstitute, January 18, 2016

Don’t we all from time to time converse with selves and ask if we are enough? If the deeds that we’ve done will lead us to better life or better place after we die? I guess it all depends on our belief, the way we look at the things, the way we feel and reasons why we want to be better than we are right now.

First and the most important is to answer the question that arises from “how can I be a better person” – and the question to ask is: how to be a better person (mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son, leader, worker etc…) in comparison to who or what? In comparison to a norm or standard, or a person, or the belief? Then who sets those standards or norms and what does it mean to be enough to me? What is acceptable/not acceptable and where is the distinction between good or bad (if there is any)? When answering these questions with open heart we will notice where our conscious thoughts go. Understanding first why we act or why we would like to act certain way will lead to possible change in our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind is preoccupied by the thoughts and majority of times those thoughts are not ours, they belong to our family, teachers, religions, governments etc. W accepted those thoughts as part of our life but they don’t belong to us. They impact us on everyday basis and they absolutely push us to act in the way that would be pleasing to others.

It is really important to consider a simple fact that our consciousness in its origin is pure and is not judgmental. Our thoughts make it so. If you are wanting to be a better person then I truly suggest you to grab all of your inner power and totally let go. Release all the years that passed, situations that forced you to act certain way, people, institutions, TV and radio. When you strip yourself down from all the outside distractions then at some point you will realize that being good enough means nothing more than just be. It might take time and a lot of emotional release work, to discover that you don’t have to control or react to others, that there is no more expectations, playing roles and it is easy to just stay in your center because you lost interest in being bothered by things and behaviors of others. Being good for yourself leads to better listening skills. You will notice that the more attention you pay to your internal self (emotions/ gut feeling/ your higher self/ guide/ angel/ God/ ) you will become attuned more to the outside environment. Through seeing via your inner eye and heart you will acquire high amounts of non-judgment. Out of this beautiful state of acceptance you will take step further into life in Gratitude and with full responsibility for self you will be able to connect your Pure Heart (knowing) with your Mind (thoughts) and recognize that no matter what you do in your life it will always be a life lived for the highest good. You will always create a new experiences for self of others.

Amazing inner journey starts with state of awareness. Are you consciously aware of your own consciousness and the thoughts that slip in into your mind?

Written by:

Ania Massat

Evolved Life & Wellness Coach

NLP Master Practitioner


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