Mindfulness Mondays- “I WILL”… because YOU deserve! by Dana Massat

by sacredjourneyinstitute, January 11, 2016
Make a dedication to yourself …

  • Choose to be HAPPY
  • Feed my body clean foods that will feed my soul
  • LOVE and accept my body
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Choose LOVE
  • Exercise because it energizes me
  • Challenge myself and try new things
  • Choose self-love and confidence

Each moment we are given choices, which means we are also given the opportunity to CHANGE.


Sometimes we think we can create new goals or resolutions and magically the next day we will feel the motivation and drive to start working on them. The truth is that is not always the case. We have conscious and subconscious patterns and beliefs that are supporting are current lifestyle. So when you want to make a lifestyle CHANGE, you have to put spiritual muscle, emotional muscle, mental muscle and physical muscle behind your new goals.

For example, say one of your new goals is Meditate 10 minutes every day. The energies and behaviors sabotaging you meditating are: “I have no time, my children do not give me one minute to myself, I am exhausted, and when I do meditate there is to much noise in my head, I am not good at this.” All of “that” is a story that you created and that you are feeding. YOU have the power to create CHANGE and literally create whatever kind of life your desire.

The solution: wake up earlier and meditate or meditate after your children go to sleep. Also another issue I see here is boundaries; you should always have time to yourself. Self-care is essential to properly caring for your loved ones and if you are neglecting yourself, you are neglecting your family. In addition too, when you meditate the noise is typically loud in the beginning but as you surrender to the process you become more detached from your thoughts and you don’t mind whatever noise is going on inside of you or outside of you.

Write your dedication to yourself today!

Written by Dana Massat

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