Mindfulness Mondays- 2016 New Year’s Resolutions by Don Massat

by sacredjourneyinstitute, January 4, 2016

sylwesterThursday night at twelve o’clock, the glasses were raised; we embraced our loved ones as a New Year 2016 was welcomed in. New ideas, changes and new resolutions were discussed. How many times do we decide on New Year’s resolutions only to find they don’t last? Or maybe realize the resolutions are the same from last year. Maybe we need a different approach to “let’s take out the 2015 trash” and “bring in the new for 2016”.

How do we go about change? First, let’s look into the past year 2015 and see what we have learned. And with gratitude, bring this new information into our present consciousness to help us from falling into old pattern. To bring in the new we must change the old.

So, what we like to create for 2016? How about winning the lotto, or meeting that “special person”, the love of our life, or perhaps improve health, a consistent workout or exercise routine, or changing diet. Maybe that perfect job is around the corner or we could set our sights on “World Peace” or a solution to poverty in the world. How do we manifest this?

Realize that it is our emotions, not just our words that create manifestation. If we are asking for something, in the moment we are saying that it doesn’t exist. But, if we are bringing in the feelings of what it is like to obtain love, or have financial freedom, or feel what it would be like if the world is t peace we are inviting true manifestation to occur.

don lotto“Belief” is another tool. Realize that anything is possible! I just remembered that at the end of 2015 I purchased a lotto ticket, you know, that Powerball that is over 300 million dollars right now. Hold on, I am going to check that ticket right now, before I finish this blog.
Yes! Manifestation! A Winner!

Well, I hit three numbers and it paid seven dollars. It is a start, now I’m going for “World Peace”!

Remember, it is an inside job, as we feel the feelings of change within ourselves and “Believe” in the possible we create change in the world around us.
Written by:

Don Massat

Founder of Sacred Journey Institute

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