Mindfulness Mondays-What are you Thinking? by Don Massat

by sacredjourneyinstitute, December 14, 2015

When emotions are connecting to thoughts, thousands of Neuro-chemicals are produced every second affecting the whole body-mind. We might ask ourselves if the chemicals we are creating are healthy or unhealthy chemicals.

bill cosby

it would be advisable to keep in mind that Every Word has a Vibratory Energy; therefore, it has power! The Vibratory energy is actually influenced by emotions placed behind thoughts and words expressed.

I was just checking out at the grocery store yesterday and couldn’t help but to notice the display of the weekly gossip magazines. Bold titles, filled with our stars Brad & Angelina, William & Kate, Barak Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Cosby screaming headlines of sex, scandal, devastation and humiliation.

So I asked myself, why am I not drawn to pick up one of these magazines? What came to me were the words of judgment and lack of integrity.

What is Lying, Deception, Blaming others and Malicious Gossip?

Treat-yourself-with-love-and-kindnessThis energy used in the form of words to control feelings or manipulate another person’s emotions; which is very common along Victim archetypes. While this may have an immediate, but often temporary effect on low vibrational humans who gravitate to the low vibrational dramas and traumas society, it will have a more impacting long term effect on the person expressing this behavior.

Lying, Deception, Blaming others and Malicious Gossip will immediately produce toxic chemicals to be distributed throughout the body, lowering the immune system, causing health problems and increased symptoms of aging. often they will experience depression or feeling “out of control” of their own emotions, while they project fear and distrust onto others they are really mirroring themselves and drawing a lack of integrity into their own “Field”:gratitude

“Misery loves company”, it gives them a false security of not being alone in fear….

“Victim attracts Victim”, it gives them false sense of support that they do not have to be responsible….

How about the feeling of being Responsible for ourselves using an expression of Gratitude? When these feelings are expressed into words, euphoric chemicals are released into body -mind enhancing our immune system and drawing experienced into our field to support our expression of Gratitude.

“Self Love”: is an inside achievement that will change the world around you.


Written by:

Don Massat

Director of Sacred Journey Institute

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